This workshop is dedicated to all women who have attended Introduction to Tantric Lovemaking Workshop. In this workshop, you will a deeper understanding of the most important aspects of tantric practices for women.     

In tantra we distinguish three categories of people. Pashu – people who are unaware of their true nature, following others unconsciously; Vira – those who show great courage to mentaly step out from the crowd, ready to find out their own truth; Deva – the transformed ones who have discovered their true nature.  

Tantricas are yoginis who are ready to step out and drop negative, detrimental conditioning that has been built around the role of women in society, female sexuality and health. This workshop will help you understand what it means to be a Tantric Woman and how to implement these teachings into your life. How to become tuned with your full potential as a woman.

Over the course of the day, we will cover:
– Cultural conditioning about femininity, sexuality and spirituality
– Practical application of the feminine principle in lovemaking and relationships
– Exercises for releasing tension and unlocking the vaginal area
– Techniques for overcoming negative sexual experiences, frigidity or heal sexual traumas
– Importance of emotional release
– Self pleasuring practices for awakening libido
– Yoni egg practices for strengthening your pelvic floor, increasing awareness of your sexual energy
– Introduction to tantric yoni massage
– Different areas/points inside the vagina and their meaning
– Seven forms of female orgasm and techniques to experience them
– Female ejaculation
– Methods for creating sublimation of energy
– Methods of prolonging partners performance


This workshop combines theory with practical advice on how to become more open and aware of your sexuality and sexual energy as a woman. You will gain new skills which allow you to feel more pleasure and enjoy your full potential as a woman.


This workshop combines lectures with exercises. You will receive knowledge, lots of practical advice and tools which will take your love making to another level.

This workshop is for women only.


The event takes six hours and it cost 80€.

Date: 23nd JULY 2019 (11:00-17:00)

Location: Ibiza, Spain (You will receive the address after booking your space)

To book your space please pay the deposit through PayPal or contact us via email, WhatsApp or fill out contact form below.


WhatsApp: +48 578 513 460


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