Would you like to learn how to perceive your energetical body and expand it? Experience sensations of energy through your entire body? Understand what are the principles of tantra? How to do tantric practices by yourself or with your partner?

The path of Energy is intense one day workshop sharing tantric wisdom and introducing powerful techniques including movement, body postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

The workshop is made out of two sessions. Each session will take 3 hours. All the practices will be guided by music. We will do group activities, exercises in couples and individual practices. This workshop is dedicated to singles and couples, both experienced and new to energy practice. You can join us alone, as well as with your partner, lover or friend.

During the first session, we will focus on opening our body and expanding our perception of it. We will do the exercises bringing our awareness to our energetical structure. We will learn how to perceive it and control it. The second session of the day will be dedicated to amplify our body energy and experience the phenomena called sublimation of the energy. One of the key principles of tantra. This sublimation transmutes one’s vital energies into a state of awareness expansion and feeling of bliss.


This workshop is dedicated to men and women, singles and couples regardless of experience and tantric knowledge.

During the workshop, there will be no nudity or any explicit sexual practice. We will create a safe space where you can experience the power of your energetic body. Explore your potential, expand your borders, drop your judgments or expectations and elevate yourself.

We have designed this workshop for a limited number of participants to create an intimate space to give you an opportunity to have a deep, profound experience. Because of this, please message us in advance to book your spot.


The event takes seven hours and it cost 70€ single / 120€ couple

Date: 7th of March 2020 (11:00-18:00)

Location: BOOK & ART Studio, Warsaw, Poland

To book your space please pay the deposit through PayPal or contact us via email, phone, WhatsApp or fill out contact form below.

Email: skanda@tantramoon.com

WhatsApp: +48 578 513 460


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