THE BLISS WORKSHOP - Kundalini energy awakening

Would you like to experience sensations of energy through your entire body? Experience a state of elevation, joy, or love. Connect to your True Self?

Join us and dive deep into the world of tantra with this two days journey of intense and sacred practice.

Each day will bring a new journey. Guided by music, we will do group meditations and exercises, as well as individual practices and practices with a partner. We will use movement, touch, breathing, eye gazing and concentration to become aware of energies elevating our emotional and mental states.

You will learn the key principles of working with kundalini energy and experience powerful techniques you can continue using and exploring by yourself. These techniques are designed to give you a powerful experience, help awaken and discover your hidden potential, understand yourself better, and accelerate your process of spiritual evolution and self-development.

The workshop takes two days. Each day is made up of 8 hours session. The focus of the sessions over this workshop will include:

Day One – Energy awakening –

We are not just physical, but also energy beings. During the morning session, you will receive an explanation of the chakra system and kundalini energy (energy system) and gain understanding of the role of each Chakra in association with consciousness as well as their role in sexuality. You will experience the energy of each Chakra in order to better understand their purpose in tantric practices.

On the same day you will learn about the importance of Polarity. You will be introduced to the Shiva-Shakti model, experiencing masculine and feminine principles and how they interact with one another through us.

Day Two – Elevation –

The purpose of tantric practices is to transmute ones vital energies into a state of bliss and pure awareness. Day two is dedicated to create this process and transcend our energies which we have awakened during the first day.

The second day practice is focused awakening kinesthetic sensitivity, charging polarity and opening our higher energy centers. The effect of which will be an experience of rising of the individuals energy and achieving states of joy and liberation.

You will be introduced to the concept of transfiguration, which is a daily practice and at the same time the goal of tantric practitioners. By practicing it, we learn how it is to look at the world with the eyes of a new born baby and see the real nature of the world around you without judgment or expectations. You will learn how to use this technique to deepen the intimacy with your-self and your beloved. We will conclude this workshop with a tantric ritual in which we will worship masculine and feminine principles of the universe.

Participants of The Bliss workshops

This workshop is dedicated to singles and couples, both experienced and new to Tantra and working with energy. You can join us alone, with your partner or a friend. Most exercises will be done in a group. Some exercises will be done in pair. Through the workshop, you will be able to change partners for the various exercises or stay with your partner through the whole length of the workshop.

During the workshop, there will be no nudity or any explicit sexual practice. We will create a safe space where you can experience the pleasure of intimacy, explore touch, be vulnerable, playful and open to express yourself. You will have the opportunity to expand your borders, drop your judgments or expectations and elevate yourself.

We have designed this workshop for a limited number of participants to create an intimate space to give you an opportunity to have a deep, profound experience. Because of this please message us in advance to book your spot. During the booking process, we will take care to have an equal number of men and women participants attending the workshop.


Skanda is the founder of Tantra Moon. Traveler, spiritual explorer and modern tantric yogi. He spent many years living in a tantric yogis community. He studied, practiced and also taught traditional tantric teachings  at Agama yoga school. Besides Hatha and Kundalini yoga he also study and practice various bodywork techniques, various forms of meditation and astrology. Skanda is also passionate about music and its usage in spiritual practices. He teach and share his experience around the world by organizing retreats, seminars and workshops in the field of yoga, tantric sexuality and metaphysics. He also organize conscious music and dance events and offer private consultations and massage sessions.


The Bliss is two days workshop. Each day takes seven hours. The price is 170 € single; 300 € couple. You can sign up with your regular partner or a friend to get couples discount.

Date: 22nd-23rd MAY 2021 (10:00-18:00)

Location: YOGA AM PARK, Am Treptower Park 42, 12435 Berlin, Germany

To book your space you need to register and pay the deposit (70€). If the lockdown will be still on in May, you will get 100% deposit refund. You can do it through contacting us via email, sms/WhatsApp/Signal or fill out contact form below.


WhatsApp/Signal: +49 1515 1735251

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