Learn the secrets of tantric yogis

Lengthen your sexual performance and amplify your sexual experience

Give more pleasure to your partner

Build up your own practice increasing your libido and masculine resonance

From the tantric point of view, there are three types of people. Pashu – people who are unaware of their true nature, unconsciously follow others; Vira – those who show great courage and willpower to mentally come out of the crowd, and follow the path of self-discovery; Deva – transformed, who have discovered their true nature. Tantra practitioner is Vira. Viras are those who are ready to overcome their reactive, biological nature and free themselves from social and cultural conditioning in order to reach their full potential. And the purpose of tantric teachings is to help you go all the way through.

Tantric Man Workshop – is a two-day men’s gathering. Dedicated to all men – single or in a couple. Both new and experienced in tantra. The purpose of this gathering is to become initiated into the path of Vira – the hero. To become a conscious tantric man. The workshop is sharing traditional tantric and yogic wisdom, both practical and metaphysical, enriched with modern knowledge and science.


This workshop combines lectures with exercises. You will receive lots of inspiring knowledge, lots of practical advice, and tools which will take your lovemaking to another level.

During the workshop, you will receive tantric yoga sadhana for individual practice. It combines yogic positions and breathing techniques for controlling and subliming your energy.

During the workshop, we delve into the Principle of Polarity that underlies tantra sexual techniques. This will help you understand what masculinity is from a universal and metaphysical (not cultural) point of view. You will learn how to manifest it in your life and thus become more attractive for females. You will learn what kundalini energy is and how to work with it through lovemaking. You will learn about the autonomic nervous system and the chakra system and their importance in the context of a sexual act.

You will discover the differences between male and female mechanisms of arousal and building up sexual excitement. You will understand why women are naturally born tantricas and what men have to learn to become such. Female anatomy and the different types of female orgasms will be discussed. You will learn how to support a woman to discover her full sexual pleasure. In the end, you will receive the practice that, if performed regularly, will help you gain control over your sexual energy, strengthen your libido and bring you closer to experiencing full body energy orgasms.


This workshop is for men only. It is conducted entirely in English.

The facilitator:

Skanda is the founder of Tantra Moon. Traveler, spiritual explorer, and modern tantric yogi. He spent many years living in a tantric yogis community. He studied, practiced, and also taught traditional tantric teachings at Agama yoga school. Besides Hatha and Kundalini yoga he also studied and practice various bodywork techniques, various forms of meditation, and energy work. He is a professional tantra massage therapist. Passionate about the role of entheogens in spiritual practices. He teaches and shares his experience around the world by organizing retreats, seminars, and workshops in the field of yoga, tantric sexuality, and spirituality.


The Tantric Man Workshop is two days workshop. Each day takes eight hours (with lunch break). The price is 180 € (until the end of November the price is 150€)

Date: 29th-30th of JANUARY 2022 (10:00-18:00)

Location: YOGA AM PARK STUDIO, Am Treptower Park 42, 12435 Berlin, Germany; 



To book your space you need to register and pay the deposit (50€). The rest of the amount should be paid before the start of the workshop in cash or through bank transfer. 

Registration can be made by: 

Email: skanda@tantramoon.com 

or by the following contact form: