Sexual tantric rituals are practices for the initiates in tantra. These rituals are magical in nature. They are performed with the intention of invoking the action, uniting with the divine and perfecting oneself.

It uses sexual energy as fuel for elevating your state. By the conscious directing of sexual desire and lust, they can guide participants into the higher states of  consciousness.

The ritual of Maithuna is a traditional Indian tantric ritual. It can be done in various ways. One of the most traditional way is known as Panchamakara, also known as the Five Ms. It is a Tantric term referring to the five substances used in Tantric practice, forbidden to the Brahmin cast (priests) in India. These five Ms are: madya (Alcohol), māṃsa (Meat), matsya (Fish), mudrā (parched grain), maithuna (Sexual act).

The most popular among the modern traditions is Panchatattva which involves invoking of the five elements that create our material reality and transcending it with the sexual practice and meditation.

To join the ritual you need to be introduced to the fundamental tantric principles of brahmacharya, the energy sublimation, the chakra system and 5 tattvas (the elements creating the reality). To sing up you will need to have a partner. There is no point for signing alone. You should be in a good mental and physical state. During the ritual, you will be naked and at a certain point you will perform the act of tantric lovemaking with your partner. There will be other couples making tantric love in the same room. There will be no partner exchange or no interactions or communication between the couples during the ritual.

The ritual will consist of:

– introduction to the ritual outlining the rules and structure of the ritual

– awakening of the elements

– tantric lovemaking with a partner

– tantric group meditation

Next Maithuna ritual will take place on the 17th of October (starts 19:30) which, according to the lunar zodiac, is kama day which is related to perusing your desires and transcending them. The fiery deity of that day – Agni will help us to raise and elevate our energy.


The cost of the event will be announce soon

Date: 17th of October 2019 (19:30-22:30)

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (You will receive the address after booking your space)

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