Tantra Moon Magic is a magical gathering. It is a group practice using the knowledge about astrological events and the power of natural forces in a conscious, positive way. Tantra Moon Magic is strictly focused on creating ‘white’ beneficial magic. Designed to create harmony in the life of each participant as well as harmony in the collective realm. During the gathering, we do practices that help to remove negativity, difficulties and obstacles on our evolutionary path. Practices which create balance, attract grace and abundance into our life.    

The Sun is the center point of our planetary system. It is a source of energy and of life. But what regulates the rhythm of life on our planet is the moon. By strong resonance with apas tatva (water element), it influences all living organisms on this planet. It determines the cycles of nature and behaviors of all life forms on this planet. It influences our vital organs, nervous, lymphatic, circulatory and endocrine systems. As a human beings we are living under constant influence of the moon.

For a magic ritual to be effective it must be done at a certain time and follow a certain order, which respects the order of the Universe. All dates of Tantra Moon Magic events are always chosen accordingly to the moon cycle and astrology. Moon cycle knowledge is our heritage coming from our ancestors. Indigenous cultures have always used the moon as a calendar. The Moon cycle determines which actions will be productive and which will be fruitless on certain dates. This has been used in agriculture, healing, planning travels or making trades. The Moon can tell us when to start something and when to finish it, when to work and when to take a rest and recover. Aligning our actions with the moons cycle creates harmony in our life and can optimize the effects of our actions. This knowledge can help us to avoid negative influence of lunar energies and to utilize its beneficial effects.

Besides the lunar cycle, Tantra Moon Magic uses the knowledge of the lunar zodiac (The Mansions of the Moon or Nakshastras according to Vedic Indian astrology). Lunar zodiac has been in use since ancient times for selecting the most appropriate days for specific activities. It was also frequently used for talisman magic.


During our gatherings, besides astrology we use other esoteric practices such as:

- Alchemy - knowledge about the elements creating the universe, their order and processes in which those elements interact with each other (transmutation and sublimation)
- Yogic techniques and meditation - knowledge about using body positions, breathing techniques, gestures and concentration to cross the borders between gross and subtle realities
- Natural magic - knowledge about colors, music, fragrances, minerals and herbs. Their resonance and correspondence


The intention of all of the practices is to create elevating, harmonious, positive impact on ones individual life and collective reality. We want to rise to higher consciousness, so it can manifest itself in our lives in a certain way.

Tantra Moon events are not a place for creating magic which is oriented towards selfish desires (red magic) or harm (black magic). There is no invoking of any low spirits or any sacrifice. Our purpose is to support ones evolution.

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The event takes three hours and it cost 35€.

Date: 16th JULY 2019 (18:00-21:00) or 1st AUGUST 2019 (18:00-21:00)

Location: Ibiza, Spain (You will receive the address after booking your space)

To book your space please pay the deposit through PayPal or contact us via email, phone, WhatsApp or fill out contact form below.

Email: skanda@tantramoon.com

Text or call: +34 642 417 507

WhatsApp: +48 578 513 460