I always felt an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life. I always felt a natural fascination with mysteries and secrets. My mind always wanted to understand how this reality works, so that I could explain it to others in a clear way. Thanks to that I was motivated to reach knowledge about spirituality, occultism and esoteric practices, which now I can present to others.   

I have dedicated myself to yoga, which is a spiritual discipline and is designed to expand your experience, to help us go beyond the frames until we reach union with everything that surrounds us. My dharma (spiritual purpose) is to deeply empower others, not by giving them ready solutions, but inspiring them and sharing enthusiasm, simply by being the purest expression of my self.

After graduating from university with an MA in psychology, I stepped into the world of big corporations. I was a marketing research specialist in the field of identifying consumers needs and providing strategy consulting for big companies. Through the years I have spent in this environment I gained lots of experience and useful skills, which I now use in being a teacher and facilitator of group processes. In January 2012, after feeling a deep internal calling, I quit my job and moved to south-east Asia. For seven years I studied and lectured at Agama Yoga School, located on Koh Phangan island in Thailand. The school focused on teaching tantric spirituality and traditional yoga in its esoteric aspect. I have completed the entire curicullum, including the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course and Tantra Teacher Course.

Thanks to the years of living in a tantric yogis community, and practising and teaching at the school I had the opportunity to experience how ancient wisdom can be practically implemented to our modern reality. Besides Hatha and Kundalini yoga I also study and practice various bodywork techniques, various forms of meditation and astrology. I am also passionate about music and its usage in spiritual practices.

I teach and share my experience around the world by organizing retreats, seminars and workshops in the field of yoga, tantric sexuality and metaphysics. I also organize conscious music and dance events and offer private consultations and massage sessions.

Tantra moon is a fruit of the knowledge I have learned. It is founded on my personal experience and understanding. It is an effect of my curiosity and creativity. An outcome of my studies, practice and experiments. It is my contribution to the process of collective evolution. Let it be for the good of all humankind