Tantra Moon emerged for the purpose of sharing tantric wisdom and supporting people on their path to self discovery and self luminescence.

Tantra is a life oriented, spiritual science. It is ancient and esoteric knowledge. Experiential in its nature. Created to guide people through the process of their evolution. To help them understand the laws of the universe, to overcome their limitations, to rise and expand their consciousness.

We are not souls trapped in physical bodies. We are a complex phenomenon, existing in multiple dimensions. We are pure consciousness experiencing the reality of a body and mind. We are not here, in this human form, as a punishment. It is not a prison. We are not here to prove anything to anyone or to strive for a reward in the afterlife. We are here to be part of the evolutionary process. We are here to play the divine game called life. Life is like a playground, like a puzzle. A finest, greatest work of art. A real masterpiece.

Instead of resisting and trying to liberate our-self from this game, let’s learn the rules and play it well. Let’s make it harmonious and meaningful. Let’s enjoy being consciousness in a human form!


the founder of tantra moon

Tantric Man Workshop

29th-30th JANUARY 2022, Berlin, Germany


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